Estate Planning Attorney in Naperville offers Customized Estate Planning

For families with estate planning needs, including those with a family business, the process of working with an estate planning attorney in Naperville offers many options to benefit the family today and in the future.

Minimizing taxes, funding a child’s education, leaving a charitable legacy, protecting the future of a business: these and other goals can be accomplished through estate planning.

The team at The Gierach Law Firm offers estate planning for clients in the greater Chicago metropolitan area. Contact our estate planning lawyer in Naperville or call (630) 756-1160 to schedule a consultation. Learn more about how we can help you reach your particular goals with wills, trusts, advanced directives and tax planning.

Experienced Illinois Wills and Trusts Lawyer

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Denice Gierach

Denice Gierach – Managing Partner

Denice Gierach is an estate planning attorney in Naperville with more than 30 years of experience preparing estate plans for clients with estates of all values, as well as handling probate and estate administration for complex estates.

With a CPA and Master’s in Business in addition to a law degree, Ms. Gierach ensures that current and future tax implications are factored into any estate planning strategy she recommends to a client. Denice was named one of twenty “Influential Women in Business” by the Business Ledger and is an accomplished estate planning author.

Comprehensive Estate and Tax Planning

An estate plan begins with a consultative process to ensure we understand all of your goals and to educate you regarding the pros and cons of various estate planning tools. A customized estate plan package will protect your assets, minimize taxes today and estate taxes tomorrow, and may allow your heirs to avoid probate.

The plan created by us may include one or more of the following:

Every family’s situation is different. At the Gierach Law Firm, we tailor each estate plan we create to the unique needs and goals of our clients. See a few examples of estate plans for the purposes of advanced tax planning.

Learn more about estate and tax planning. See our information centers and additional resources:

Contact an Illinois Estate Planning Lawyer

For sound legal advice from a skilled estate planning attorney in Naperville, contact the Gierach Law Firm or call (630) 756-1160.

Client Testimonials

“We did our wills and trusts, tax planning and charitable giving planning and we had a very good experience with the firm.”  Naperville, IL Client

“We worked with Gierach Law Firm doing wills and trusts and were very satisfied with the communications received from the firm and responses to our calls and the work that was provided. We found the firm was very professional, willing to take suggestions and very thorough.”  Downers Grove, IL Client

“We were very satisfied with communications from the firm and the work provided. We especially appreciate that the firm completed the beneficiary forms. We were completely satisfied with the work.”  Dundee, IL Client

“It was a very good experience. Leaving the firm, we feel that our finances and lives are better organized for our children to settle our affairs after our death.”  Channahon, IL Client

“We were very satisfied. Excellent job. It was very pleasant and painless doing our wills and trusts.”  Aurora, IL Client

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Your Worry-Free Legacy

Written by Denice Gierach

Most people have no idea where to begin when it comes to estate planning. “Can’t I just make a simple will?” they ask. There are, however, many complex aspects to putting together an effective estate plan, and often, people don’t even know what questions they should ask. In Your Worry-Free Legacy, attorney Denice Gierach compiles the most common issues people face when creating an estate plan into one comprehensive book.

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