Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses the Missing Comma That Cost a Dairy $5 Million

As a business law attorney, I understand that language must be precise and accurate when one is writing legally-binding agreements or contracts. Vague and Imprecise phrasing can sometimes cause a contract or other legal document to be unenforceable or useless. Sometimes, ambiguity in the laws themselves can cause confusion and problems. One dairy company from […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses Oral Contracts

As you are probably aware, most businesses rely on a number of contracts of contracts and agreements. These typically include partnership agreements, employment contracts, purchase agreements and a variety of others that have been carefully drafted and reviewed before they are signed. Most such agreements are formalized in writing, as doing so creates a permanent […]

Naperville Business Attorney Discusses Non-Compete Agreements

Building a successful business requires you to invest tremendous amounts of time, energy, and money, often at great personal sacrifice. It is understandable, and even admirable, that you would wish to protect those investments in every way possible. For this reason, you may be considering having some or all of your employees sign a non-compete […]

Supreme Court Upholds Contract Law

In the course of running a business, contracts will need to be signed.  Contracts provide the framework for all businesses because it commits two parties to an exchange of money for goods or services.  Without contracts, nothing would be certain for any business. Sometimes, these contracts include clauses that can waive your rights to a […]

Keys to Writing a Contract

In the course of doing business, there are opportunities for disagreements everywhere.  That could be between the company and employees, or contractors, or consumers.  In order to limit any legal liabilities in these disputes, companies often turn to contracts. For a contract to be legally binding requires a few basic things.  The first is that […]

Steps to Selling a Business

Selling a business is not as easy as putting a sign on your front door.  To truly get the most benefit of all your hard work, it takes a little bit more of your time.  It might be easy to sell your business quickly but that often won’t net you the biggest return on your […]

Hostess Goes from Liquidation, to Negotiation, to Possible Sale

On November 14th, Hostess, the maker of such iconic snacks as Ho-Hos, Donettes, and Twinkies announced that it would declare for a liquidation bankruptcy if union workers continued to strike.  The strike was in place since November 9th because Hostess was attempting to lower their workers’ wages by 8% by forcing a new contract on […]

171,000 Increase in Jobs for October

Employers stepped up their game in October as far as hiring goes, adding 171,000 people to their payrolls, according to the Labor Department. Also, 84,000 more new jobs were created in August and September than was originally expected. These positive news regarding unemployment also mean a lot of employment contracts and possible business deals being […]

The Future of Covenants Not to Compete in Illinois is Up in the Air

Recently, in Reliable Fire Equipment Company v. Arredondo, at al., the Illinois Supreme Court reviewed a case regarding non-compete agreements. The Court initially reviewed the case in 2011, but the parties requested that the Supreme Court again review the case. In March 2012, the Court denied re-examining the case. According to the Supreme Court’s opinion, […]