Things to Consider before Buying a Business

In the modern commercial world, businesses are regularly being purchased, sold, and merged. Even more frequent are the discussions about purchasing interests of a particular company. For example, just this week rumors emerged once again regarding Google’s interest in buying social media icon Twitter. While financial experts will endlessly debate the advantages and disadvantages of […]

Illinois Retailer Sued for Fraudulent Business Practices

As a business owner, you know that it can be difficult, at times, to balance all of your required responsibilities. Clients are regularly asking our firm for advice on meeting the expectations of customers and creating a positive atmosphere for employees, all while increasing revenue and profits. Less scrupulous business owners, however, may be tempted […]

EEOC Offers New Guidance on Religious Accommodations

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency charged with protecting the rights of employees to be free from unlawful workplace discrimination. In order to prevent such unlawful discrimination before it happens in the first place, the EEOC issues guidance to employers and business owners on how they can ensure they […]

Navigating Obamacare and the IRS Common Control Law

Starting in 2014, the United States’ healthcare system will undergo a transformation unlike anything that has occurred in this nation’s history. Small businesses throughout the country will have to come to terms with the Affordable Care Act requirement that they provide adequate healthcare to virtually all employees. One unique issue that small business owners must […]

Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate deals aren’t just for business owners. In fact, many Americans are turning to commercial real estate AS the business in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008. Not only do commercial real estate deals ensure that the work is autonomous, they also guarantee a certain degree of return on the investment […]

Dissolving a Business Partnership

When you were starting your business, it seemed the most natural and easiest thing in the world to have a partner. You couldn’t start the company alone, after all, and having a partner meant having additional expertise, experience, and someone with whom you could “shop” ideas. “Business partnerships dissolve for many reasons,” according to the […]

How Contract Law Affects Small Businesses

The last thing a small business owner wants to think about is what type of legal forms to use when entering in contractual agreements. Contracts take time to draft, they are complicated and very dry. Some business owners would like to have them drafted professionally, but they are worried about the price. A solid contract, […]