Naperville Business Attorney Addresses Advantages of an LLC

For an entrepreneur, one of the most important decisions to be made in the early stages of business ownership is the selection of an appropriate business entity structure. With a number of options from which to choose, deciding on the best one requires careful consideration of the advantages and potential drawbacks of each, as well […]

Naperville Business Attorney on How to Fire an Employee

When you rely on a team of hired employees for the success of your business, sooner or later, you will face the challenges of a worker who will not or cannot do his or her job properly. The staff member may fail to meet your productivity expectations or sales quotas, or he or she may […]

GINA and the Use of Genetic Information

As a business owner and employer, the collection of your employees’ personal information is relatively commonplace. Beginning with your application process, for example, an employee will generally provide certain data that allows you to make an informed decision about hiring that person. What if, however, someone suggested to you that you could save money on […]

Naperville Attorney Continues Discussion on NDAs: Employment-Related Non-Disclosure Agreements

In a recent post on this blog, I talked a little bit about how a non-disclosure agreement can be a very useful protection tool in business negotiations. I have encouraged many of my commercial clients to develop such agreements when considering mergers and acquisitions, or when seeking private capital funding. In my practice, however, I […]

Naperville Business Attorney Discusses the Commercial Dispute Arbitration Process

I am regularly approached by clients with questions regarding arbitration clauses in business contracts. A large number of business owners prefer arbitration over litigation and many elect to insert arbitration clauses into all or most of their contracts. At the Gierach Law Firm, we work with all of our commercial clients to make sure they understand both […]

Naperville Lawyer Discusses Eminent Domain and the Proposed Airport Project

With plans for the proposed South Suburban Airport on hold, a Will County Board member is asking the governor to suspend efforts to acquire property under eminent domain laws. Currently, the Illinois Department of Transportation reports the existence of eight separate cases, encompassing a total of more than 220 acres, that were already underway when […]