Naperville Estate Planning Attorney Offers Tips on Choosing Your Beneficiaries

One of the main goals of estate planning is to ensure that your wishes regarding your assets and property are carried out after your death. Of course, a Naperville estate planning attorney is equipped to help you prepare the necessary documents and instruments to make the process relatively simple for you. For many of my […]

Naperville Estate Planning Attorney on the Advantages of a Revocable Living Trust

As an estate planning lawyer, I understand how difficult it can be to consider what will happen after your death. A large number of my clients express that exact concern, but bravely and responsibly take the necessary steps to provide security for their families. Without proper preparation, the court may assume control over your assets […]

Business Succession: Estate Planning and the Future of Your Business

When clients come to me for help in estate planning, many of them have similar concerns. They want their family to be secure after their death and they usually have an idea of how their assets should be distributed among their intended beneficiaries. Some of my estate planning clients, however, are also business owners, and […]

Preventing a Will Contest

A long-time Chicago Cubs baseball player died in January, leaving behind a sports legacy—and a contested will. Three months before his death, Ernie Banks executed a new will that bequeathed his entire estate to his caregiver. The new will does not include provisions for Banks’ estranged wife or his adult children, who are now challenging […]

Ten Things to Know about Appointing a Power of Attorney

Illinois citizens have the right to appoint an agent to make property, financial, personal and health care decisions on their behalf. This is called a power of attorney. The principal will generally specify the event or time upon which the agency will begin and end. He or she will also indicate the mode of revocation […]

Attorney-Client Privilege During a Will Contest

Lately, I have been hearing a great deal of talk about a case currently before the Illinois Supreme Court. The high court recently heard oral arguments in a case called Brunton v. Kruger, which asks the court to consider the scope of the accountant-client privilege during probate. Specifically, the court must determine what happens to […]

Modifying an Existing Will

When a will is created, it must be in writing and signed by the testator—the person for which the will is made—or by a person in the testator’s presence and by the testator’s direction. Additionally, it must be attested in the presence of two or more credible witnesses. Can Wills be Modified? Illinois probate law permits testators to […]

Storing Your Will in a Safety Deposit Box

Illinois law does not mandate that you write a will. But if you do write a will, be sure that you keep the original document in a safe place, because the law only allows the original will to be admitted to probate. In other words, if your family can only locate a copy of the […]

A Will Written Later in Time May Cause Probate Confusion

A German art collector achieved notoriety last fall when the world discovered his hidden collection of European masterworks that had been obtained by his Nazi-era father. This revelation spawned a collective outrage that culminated in a web of questions after he died, leaving behind no known heirs. A Swiss museum initially claimed to be the […]

How to Proceed in Probate When the Life Status of the “Decedent” is Unknown

Nine years after Samuel Zagaria disappeared, his sister Joanne petitioned the Cook County probate court for a presumption of death. The court complied and appointed Joanne, Zagaria’s only heir, the administrator of her brother’s estate. But in the course of administering the estate and trying to collect insurance benefits, Samuel turned up alive. Unfortunately for […]