Naperville Small Business Lawyer Offers Advice on Planning for Selling Your Business

When you create a new company, whether it is closely-held family business, business franchise, or any other type of business entity, you take responsibility for every stage of its life cycle. Purchasing an existing business also leaves you responsible for the company for the duration of your ownership. I often get asked by clients, however, […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Featured in the Daily Herald

The Gierach Law Firm is pleased to announce that it was recently featured in the Daily Herald in one of its Business Columns by Jim Kendall. The article, titled “Sales Success: Talk the prospect’s language” focuses on the difficulties many small business owners face when making a sales call. The Gierach Law Firm, located in […]

Recruiting Tips for How to Attract the Best Millennial Workers

As more millennial workers enter the job market, their academic accomplishments make them attractive—especially when compared to existing market participants. While companies that are top industry players with impressive revenue streams assume that young talent will automatically flock to their business, the reality has shown something different. This is because businesses do not understand the driving factors […]

Flexible Service Levels Agreements: Fostering Trust and Commitment

Service level agreements, or SLAs, are contracts entered into by service providers and an end user—typically another business. Both large and small businesses utilize SLAs with service providers, though at least arguably it is the larger businesses who possess more bargaining power when contracting under SLAs. In addition, SLAs are out-based contracts that exist primarily […]

New Medical Marijuana Law Creates Confusion for Employers

On January 1, 2014 the legalization of marijuana will finally go into effect in Illinois. The law allows for marijuana to be utilized as a prescription drug for certain health situations. The issue both employers and employees are facing is whether and how employees can be fired for testing positive for marijuana in their system. […]

Small Businesses On The Rise In Illinois

In Macon County alone, over 500 small businesses have set up shop in the past two years. All signs point to good news for Illinois small business owners. In 2010, the number of small businesses opening in the state outpaced the number that closed. Small businesses make numerous contributions throughout the state, representing a primary […]