Naperville Estate Planning Lawyer Discusses Special Estate Planning Concerns Unmarried Couples Should Keep in Mind

For a variety of reasons, more and more adults are choosing not to get married. Approximately 18 million unmarried Americans were cohabitating in 2016 and that number is expected to continue to rise. If you and your partner are unmarried, you may wonder how this will affect your estate plans. Because the law does not […]

Naperville Estate Planning Lawyer Reminds You to Review Your Plan Periodically

Like most important considerations in life, your estate plan is not simply an entry on a “things to do” checklist that you complete once and then forget about. Estate planning is about providing your family and loved ones with the security they deserve and the freedom from having to guess what you would have wanted […]

Proper Estate Planning Can Help Prevent Family Disputes

If you were to ask your children or other family members what you should do about dividing your assets and property upon your death, you would likely get a variety of answers. Some may suggest that you just divide it equally—without offering ways to determine what “equal” means—while others may remind you that you can […]

Naperville Estate Planning Attorney Offers Tips on Choosing Your Beneficiaries

One of the main goals of estate planning is to ensure that your wishes regarding your assets and property are carried out after your death. Of course, a Naperville estate planning attorney is equipped to help you prepare the necessary documents and instruments to make the process relatively simple for you. For many of my […]

Business Succession: Estate Planning and the Future of Your Business

When clients come to me for help in estate planning, many of them have similar concerns. They want their family to be secure after their death and they usually have an idea of how their assets should be distributed among their intended beneficiaries. Some of my estate planning clients, however, are also business owners, and […]

Naperville Lawyer Addresses Why Your Will Should Include a Special Needs Trust Clause

Did you know that more than 50 million Americans deal with disabilities and special needs? That number represents nearly 20 percent of the population. It also means most families, at some point, will need to consider the best interest of a disabled or special needs person in planning for the future. Such considerations are often […]

The Trouble with Prepaid Funerals

In the interest of making things easy for their future beneficiaries, many elderly plan for death by orchestrating a prepaid funeral. It seems, from the outside, a great idea: “when I finally go, my family won’t have to worry about any costs to lay me to rest—I can plan it on my own terms, with […]