Tips For Avoiding An Employee Lawsuit

As small business owners look to the New Year, most will be considering new goals or practices that will help grow the business and exceed the successes of this year. Some business owners will work on developing new and interesting ways to turn a profit, others will begin brick and mortar renovations that will increase […]

Effect of Divorce on a Small Business

Part of owning a small business is preparing for the impact of a major life event, like divorce. Unfortunately, many business owners are not prepared adequately, increasing the chances that the small business will not survive the major life event. Fortunately, your Illinois small business attorney can offer a variety of tools that enable a […]

Chicago-Based Accretive Settles Minnesota Hospital Debt Collections Lawsuit

According to the Chicago Tribune, Accretive Health Inc., a Chicago-based collection agency, has settled a lawsuit filed by the Minnesota Attorney General over its allegedly overly aggressive collection tactics on behalf of several Minnesota hospitals. Minnesota filed the lawsuit against Accretive in January, 2012, alleging violations of several federal and state laws. Although the settlement […]