Naperville Estate Planning Lawyer Talks About Divorce, Ex-Spouses, and Estate Plans

According to current estimates, the divorce rate in the United States is somewhere between 30 and 45 percent. While the exact number may be tough to pin down, the reality is that thousands of couples get divorced every year in Illinois alone. A divorce can change your life in more ways than you might realize […]

Naperville Estate Planning Lawyer Addresses the Disconnect Between Aging Parents and Adult Children

In today’s world, communication is easier than ever before. Virtually everyone carries a cell phone, uses email or instant messaging systems, or reaches out to friends and loved ones through the technology of video chat. With all of talking, however, it seems that many families continue to avoid the tough conversations, especially those regarding finances […]

Storing Your Will in a Safety Deposit Box

Illinois law does not mandate that you write a will. But if you do write a will, be sure that you keep the original document in a safe place, because the law only allows the original will to be admitted to probate. In other words, if your family can only locate a copy of the […]

How To Avoid A Gift Tax

According to CNN Money Magazine, “estate planning isn’t just about how you want your assets distributed after you die.” Figuring out what to do with your estate is just that—and while the word “estate” may bring to mind brick mansions and vacation homes, the truth is that most people, of any socioeconomic class, have an […]

The Importance of Assigning Power of Attorney

Tragedy can strike at any time. It’s not an effort to be cynical or gloomy but rather an attempt to be realistic about the strangeness of life. People can become disabled from accidents or can lose their functions slowly over time. If you are unable to control the aspects of your life that is where […]