Naperville Business Lawyer on Some of the Legal Issues Small Businesses Face Everyday

For many small business owners, the threat of business litigation is always in the back of their mind. Studies show that as many as half of all small businesses become involved in business litigation at least once in any given year. Legal disputes which seem like only minor headaches can quickly snowball into extensive proceedings […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Talks About Breach of Contract Remedies

As a business law attorney, I am acutely aware of how important small and medium-sized businesses are to the American economy. In many ways, they are considered to be the backbone of the entire system. Almost all such companies rely, to some extent, on a variety of business contracts and other types of business agreements. […]

Southwest to settle in Chicago-born lawsuit over drink vouchers

A class-action lawsuit was brought against Southwest Airlines after the airline stopped honoring vouchers for free alcoholic drinks, which were given to premium-ticket travelers. The class-action suit was filed by a Chicago attorney, and the settlement is estimated at $29 million or more. The Chicago Tribune covered the story in their business section. The original […]