Naperville Estate Planning Lawyer on Living Wills and Death-Delaying Procedures

The law in Illinois expressly recognizes the rights of its citizens to make their own decisions regarding the medical care they wish to receive, even after the diagnosis or acquisition of a terminal condition. According to the law, a person may choose to have death-delaying procedures withheld or withdrawn in accordance with his or own […]

Tips For Avoiding An Employee Lawsuit

As small business owners look to the New Year, most will be considering new goals or practices that will help grow the business and exceed the successes of this year. Some business owners will work on developing new and interesting ways to turn a profit, others will begin brick and mortar renovations that will increase […]

Unemployment rising in Southern Illinois

While unemployment in the United States nationally has been on the decline, according to a recent article, rates in Southern Illinois have been rising. Reports from January have illustrated that almost every single county in Southern Illinois has an unemployment rate higher than the national average. These numbers have risen dramatically in the past year […]

Illinois ranked fifth in attracting businesses

In 2012, Texas topped all other American states when it came to business expansion, but Illinois, which frequently is criticized for its poor business climates, was ranked at number five among all 50 states. That number is from the Site Selection magazine, which compiles a list every year of corporate projects throughout the entire country. […]

Five years of smoke-free businesses in Illinois

Although the smoking ban has helped many Illinois businesses, some complaints about the law still remain. The Smoke-Free Illinois Act went into effect five years ago and complaints have mostly diminished over the years. Along with the complaints, the tobacco stench that hung over so many restaurants and bars all over the state is also […]

Union membership shrinking in the U.S.

Union membership of wage and salary workers in the U.S. fell to 11.3 percent last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Back in 1981, over 20 percent of wage and salary workers were part of unions. The Chicago Tribune reported a story on the shrinking union membership rates. The latest numbers are a […]

Trendy business- start a franchise

Frozen Yogurt – a.k.a. fro yo, has been the rage, then not, then a rage, once more. Its boom started in the 1980’s. Almost every mall, corner and storefront was frozen yogurt. However, ice cream shop rise of 24% (Agricultural Marketing Resource Center) from 1998-2003 declined the fro-yo craze. Coffee shops became the place to […]

Businesses Have Other Alternatives Than Taking Out Bank Loans

Small businesses have been struggling through these tough economic times, but now there are options other than taking out bank loans. A recent New York Times article came up with some creative alternatives to help out small businesses that are struggling. A lot of these alternatives are, however, more expensive than traditional bank loans. So […]

Southwest to settle in Chicago-born lawsuit over drink vouchers

A class-action lawsuit was brought against Southwest Airlines after the airline stopped honoring vouchers for free alcoholic drinks, which were given to premium-ticket travelers. The class-action suit was filed by a Chicago attorney, and the settlement is estimated at $29 million or more. The Chicago Tribune covered the story in their business section. The original […]

Hewlett-Packard Co. Blames Losses on Autonomy

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that for the second quarter in a row, California-based Hewlett-Packard (H-P) has reported a multibillion-dollar write-down, this time totaling $8.8 billion related to its acquisition of software company Autonomy just over a year ago. H-P posted a nearly $7 billion loss this quarter, and blamed its loss largely on […]