Naperville Business Law Attorney Discusses Employer Drug Policies Following the Legalization of Cannabis in Illinois

Illinois employers must navigate a large number of legal obstacles when it comes to the rights of their employees. Employers are subject to many state and federal employment laws, including those regarding wrongful termination and discrimination. Now that cannabis is recreationally legal in Illinois, many employers are worried that maintaining a “drug-free workplace” policy or […]

Naperville Business Lawyer Discusses New Chicago Sick Day Mandate

No matter where you choose to start your company or run a business, you will be forced to put up with a certain level of government oversight. The number of regulations and amount of bureaucracy certainly depends on the specific jurisdiction, but may include considerations for licensing, inspections, taxes, fees, and much more. As a […]

New Law Presumes the Will of a Disabled Person to Be Void

It should come as little surprise that, as people age, many of their mental and physical faculties often begin to deteriorate. While most individuals will maintain reasonable capabilities until the end of their lives, others will require a power of attorney or a guardian to assist them in making day-to-day decisions. For the vast majority […]

Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Crowdfunding Investment Bill

Owners of smaller businesses who are looking for working capital will have more options beginning in 2016, thanks to a bipartisan measure that flew through the Illinois legislature earlier this year. In a rare display of total cross-party agreement, the House and Senate both unanimously approved a bill approving the practice known as equity crowdfunding […]

New Bill Requires Employers to Set Up Mandatory IRAs for Employees

A new bill has been passed by the Illinois State Senate that requires employers to set up retirement accounts for all of their employees. This bill passed earlier this week imposes significant requirements on business owners throughout the state. It is unclear yet what effects this employer managed retirement account law will have on employer […]

Changes in the Tax Code For Businesses in 2014

The end of the year is always a time that business owners find themselves scrambling to make sure everything is in order. There are year-end bonuses to consider, new laws to plan for, and, of course, taxes to think about. 2013 was a big year for business owners when it came to tax considerations. One […]

Changes may be Coming to Illinois Minimum Wage Laws

Big changes could be in store for Illinois business owners. Earlier this month a new bill was proposed in the Illinois House of Representatives that would raise the state’s minimum wage. House Bill 3718 (HB 3718), sponsored by Representative Art Turner, would raise the Illinois minimum wage in increments. Currently, the minimum wage in Illinois […]

Illinois Police Unveil Official Gun Ban Signage for Businesses

Businesses take note: last Friday, the Illinois State Police unveiled the official “no guns allowed” signage that certain Illinois small businesses will be required to post as part of the state’s new concealed carry law. According to the measures passed by the Chicago City Council, any Illinois business building, property, or parking area that serves […]

Credit Score Can’t Be Considered for Employment

Earlier this year, the Chicago City Council passed an amendment to the Chicago Human Rights Ordinance that “prohibited employers from using credit history as a basis for making employment decisions,” according to the City of Chicago’s official website. The ruling came after a slew of complaints and even ads around the city stating that “the […]